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Why Should I Get Involved With Supporting Youth?

What is Supporting Youth?

Helping Youth Develop Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth & Positive Lifelong Characteristics

Purpose, Focus, Niche and Mission

Our Purpose:

To help youth Build:

  • Build Self-Esteem
  • Self-Worth
  • Self-Confidence
  • Develop positive lifelong characteristics

Our Focus:

Help youth be involved in positive youth programs.

Youth have a need to be included. If they can’t be included in something positive, they will belong to something negative. Unfortunately positive programs cost money, where negative programs are usually self-funded.

Youth who are able to be in positive youth programs are much more likely:

  • To be surrounded with other positive youth with like hopes, dreams and goals.
  • To recieve encuragement from thier peers to do their best.
  • To be eligible for shoclarships for higher education.
  • To have the training and education to set goals, push themselves and be focused.

Our Niche:

Those families that see the benefits for their children involved in positive youth programs that either need financial assistance to do so and/or see the value in having their children work/earn for what they get.

Youth and their families are divided into basically three groups:

  1. Those families that can afford and choose to pay for their children to be involved in positive youth programs. These youth are most likely to have a successful and productive life because of the example and financial support from their parents and their social circles of influence.
  2. Those families that feel it should be given to them. Unfortunately these youth generally adopt this same attitude throughout life.
  3. The third group is divided into two subgroups: (Our Niche)
    1. Those families that have sufficient finances however chose to have their children develop the many values of working for what they want.
    2. Those families that do not have the finances, who are willing to work for what they want, but need a productive avenue to do so.

Note: The youth in these two subgroups (3a & 3b) develop unique, positive lifelong characteristics that can’t be obtained in any other way.


Our Mission:

Supporting Youth orchestrates an exclusive, efficient and proven fundraising system which:

  • Provides children and thier families a simple way to earn money for education and positive youth group activities.
  • Unites youth group members in a Supporting Youth Club to maximize fundraising income.
  • Awards youth groups money to strengthen thier programs.
  • Gives youth group advisors freedom from organizeing and running fundraisers.
  • Promotes local businesses and gives them recognition as community leaders for helping multiple youth groups; all by supporting just one club.
Profitable Fundraising Promotions
Profitable Fundraising Promotions to assist families and organizations with their funding needs.Supporting Youth serves the fundraising needs of families and educators in three areas

  1. Not-for-Profit Groups Clubs and Organizations
  2. The Supporting Youth Fundraising Club (Anyone can fundraise through the Club)
  3. The SYNERGIC Alliance Program


Groups Clubs and Organizations

Supporting Youth provides fundraising products, programs and events to positive youth groups such as school clubs and organizations, community and private clubs and organizations, church youth groups and charitable youth organizations.


The Supporting Youth Fundraising Club

The Supporting Youth Fundraising Club offers a way for all families to take control of fundraising. Through the Club they can take advantage of a scheduled monthly fundraiser if they choose. They can pick the ones they want to be involved in. Club families also are given a fundraising website that they can earn money and invite people too through their social media. Funds earned through the Club may also be used to help to pay for non not-for-profit programs their youth are in. Even private for private lessons such as piano, dance and martial arts.


The SYNERGIC Alliance Program

Supporting Youth Nurtures Education Recreation & Giving In Communities (its referred to as our SYNERGIC alliance program). Through this program we bring the community together to provide – teaching aids to educators, sports programs for youth and orchestrate local financial support and scholarships for youth.

Educational Programs
Educational Programs, to assist parents and educators increase academic and pysical education development of youth.

3 Ways to Fund Any of Our Educational Programs

  1. Purchase them through our online store
  2. Let us help you with an easy fundraising promotion to cover expenses
  3. Have our Support Network acquire sponsors to help with the cost


A few Examples of ways Supporting Youth helps with Education, Recreation and Giving



The Avacodo Boat

We offer elementary school teachers an educational program to teach and show children about plant growth.

Wooden Indian Flutes

We offer elementary school teachers wooden flute kits where the children are able to complete sanding and staining their flute.They then are taught how to play them.


SNAG – Starting New At Golf

We offer elementary schools a SNAG set for their phsical education program. SNAG can also be used as a family fun fundrasing event.


SY Charities offers:

Fiscal sponsorships. This allows groups of people who want to form a non-profit charity the ability to do so through SY Charities Inc.

Scholarships to youth for academic and technical education

Supporting Youth Fundraising Club
We help youth and their families earn money to help pay for the costs of involvement in positive youth programs and private educational opportunities such as music, dance and martial arts lessons.

We are in the process of establishing the Supporting Youth Fundraising Club throughout the United States. The Fundraising Club is a part of our 501c3 not-for–profit charity (SY Charities INC.), which has a marketing/management agreement with Supporting Youth LLC.

The Supporting Youth Club has a fundraising promotion every month. Club families can chosse which ones they want to be involved in

In addition, Club members will be given a replicated website where they are able to promote their fundraising endeavors online through their social media.

Items opurchased through the Club are deliverd to a Club. A location in the community where the Club families can pick them up and hand deliver to those that are supporting them.

For more information about the Club, visit www.SYF.Club

Employee Trained Support Network
The Supporting Youth philosophy is one of service. Youth and the families we represent are our top priority and the company is designed to assist them in the best and most efficient ways possible. In reality, they are our front line representatives. They are the ones selling our products and programs and they are doing so to their friends, neighbors and families. They along with our other company local representatives are our Royalty. As a company we can never forget that and must always treat them as such.

The company structure is designed to assist families raise money and provide our local representatives with everything possible to make their task of helping families extremely productive, financially and emotionally rewarding and their work conditions and atmosphere enjoyable.


The Supporting Youth Team consists of:

A Supporting Youth Coordinator Team

A team of two Supporting Youth Fundraising Coordinators working an area containing 2 to 3 larger Public High School territories.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Developing a relationship with the local business community
  • Assisting local youth group leaders to become successful in fundraising
  • Provide fundraising items and promotions to local youth groups
  • Help provide local educators and clubs with educational and recreational products
  • Build and lead the Supporting Youth Club in their area

Supporting Youth Event Specialists:

  • They are employees of Supporting Youth
  • Event Specialists focus on a Supporting Youth event or program
  • Their territory is dependent upon their event or program
  • They work with the Supporting Youth Coordinator to schedule their event or program
  • They work with the local Supporting Youth Fundraising Coordinator Team and/or local youth groups to organize and put on their event or program

Supporting Youth Strategic Partners

  • Independent companies that have partnered with Supporting Youth.
  • Generally though the Strategic Partner Marketing/Management Agreement
    • Supporting Youth Schedules their events and programs
    • Usually are not employees of Supporting Youth
  • Their territory is dependent of their event or program
  • They work with the Supporting Youth Coordinators to schedule their event or program

Supporting Youth Headquarters

The total focus of Supporting Youth employees working at the company headquarters is to serve and assist Supporting Youth Fundraising Coordinators

Companies & People We’ve Partnered With

Helping Youth Develop Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth & Positive Lifelong Characteristics